E11even Miami “Captain’s Club”: The Ultimate Investment Opportunity.

Captain’s Club Caps: Accessories for the Bored Ape.

It’s 2022, and over the past few years NFTs have skyrocketed in popularity, growing from a market cap of $94 million in 2020, to $25 billion in 2021.

With the most popular collection being the “Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), a collection of 10,000 profile pictures of cartoonized apes, that by owning are granted access to an online club, exclusive in-person events, and intellectual property rights for the image. These memberships costed $190 at release, and currently the value of of these apes is roughly $344,000- i’d certainly consider that a decent return. Yuga Labs is the development team behind the project, who’ve since release raised $450 million in a 4 billion dollar valuation earlier this week. They’re looking to use these funds to deploy a metaverse they’ve named “Otherside” which is slated for release in April, and definitely another amazing opportunity- but thats not what’s being brought to attention today. The big opportunity here lies in the Captain’s Club, an NFT collection being released by E11even Miami- (which is a world renown all hours nightclub) granting holders access to the club + a VIP area for holders, and more.

This is majorly speculation, but all of the hints and clues are there. E11even’s Crypto Division is backed by Horizen Labs on the project, and Horizen is also partnered with Yuga Labs. The Captain’s Club is “The limited NFT collection that gives you access into the world’s most prestigious Ultraclub, E11EVEN Miami.” As a Miami native, I can tell you first hand: E11EVEN is more than just hype, and has the lines to prove so.

The 11 Captain’s Club is an exclusive collection of “ten thousand & e11even” 11 Captain’s Caps with real-world flex.

Captain’s Club NFT.

Not only do these hats have unique value, but they also act as a ticket to the ultimate nightlife as only E11EVEN knows how to deliver, and these NFT’s are your ticket in. Imagine not having to wait in a line for 30–60 minutes every visit? Better yet, imagine arriving and showing an NFT, skipping the line and being escorted to a private “members only” area. Sounds like real world utility if you ask me! Tickets are typically $100+ the night of events- and the club is open nightly with multiple A-list talent bookings weekly, so if you intend on going out frequently it’s an investment that’ll benefit you for a lifetime. And lastly, my favorite bit is that the NFT’s are being minted on the Ethereum blockchain- so we can expect some price reflection in accordance. There will be 10,011 memberships available at mint which is scheduled for April 22 2022, 33 days away from the publication of this post. The mint price is 1 ETH, roughly $3k as of now.

The discord community is still small, which means opportunity is still ripe. Whitelist information can be accessed via the official discord which i’ve linked here. After joining the discord, I noticed that the team is offering whitelist spots to all BAYC + Mutant Ape holders, and it seems like these “caps” are meant to be adorned by Apes. This implies that we’ll definitely have whale support- and that the crypto community will be engaged in this project as well as nightlife lovers. I’m extremely excited to see what this brings to fruition. Catch me in E11even in the Captain’s Club with a bucket of Clase Azul Bottles, and an endless parade of chicken tenders. On second thought, it’s probably just going to be the tenders.

Wait a minute- leaving already?

Hopefully you learned something from this article- and if you did, leave some claps. You can hold the button down all the way to fifty- and I basically demand that you do so. Consider it my payment for this insight! Oh, and this is not financial advice. WAGMI!

Me in the Captain’s Club April 27th.



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